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Tactical Ruger 10 22 Accessories

One of the most popularly bought firearms around the world is the Ruger 10 22 rifle. It is one of the known .22 rifles that is proven for its long range performance and has already been in production as early as 1964. Its popularity among buyers can be attributed to the fact that it is easy to handle even for young and inexperienced shooters. Its prominent use in small-game hunting is also because of the fact that shooters want a rifle that uses ammunition that costs less. Due to its popularity among shooters, it led to many after market modifications and a lot of Ruger 10 22 accessories were developed and manufactured. The Ruger 10 22 rifle then became one of the most commonly customized firearms.

A lot of companies manufacture the said accessories. The main purposes of these changes are among these three:

  • Improving the performance of the rifle for long range shooting.
  • Customizing the looks of the rifle according to the owner’s preferences
  • Increasing the magazine capacity of the firearm

These Ruger 1022 accessorieswhich can be easily installed are also available online. Some of the accessories that are more commonly bought are the following.

Ruger 1022 Scope

A scope is used for guns which are purposely created for long range use. The type of scope that one should buy depends on the type of shooting one does. Some Ruger 10 22 owners may not find the necessity to buy one especially if they use it for small-game hunting. The instalment of a scope heavily depends on the preferences of the rifle owner. Scopes are intentionally made for special uses and their powers vary. Some scopes also have adjustable powers.

Ruger 1022 Magazines

The standard that is installed to Ruger 10 22 rifles is the 10-round rotary type. There are a lot of variations available that can be used to modify the rifle. The following are the ones available as after market modifications.

  • Five-round rotary type (this is more commonly found in countries which impose limits on magazine capacities)
  • The 40th anniversary polycarbonate edition of the 10-round type
  • Ruger BX-25 which is a 25-round box machine
  • 30-round box machine
  • 50-round box machine, teardrop-shaped rotary types, and drum magazines

In choosing magazines, select one that is a good fit for the rifle. Make sure that the magazine is the suitable one to be installed in the rifle to avoid any possible injuries that the shooter might experience.

Ruger 10 22 Sling

This is one of the most useful accessories not only for Ruger 10 22 but also for any type of rifle. Its use is greatly needed as a shooter will need to free his/her hands at times. A shooter should buy a sling that feels comfortable on them.

Ruger 10 22 Bolt Release

Ruger 10 22 owners may feel the need to own an automatic bolt release because the built in bolt release mechanism can be a little tricky to use as its bolt lock needs to be pressed. Installing an automatic bolt release will make things simpler and easier for shooters.

Ruger 10 22 Bolt Handle

Some shooters may feel a need for a bigger bolt handle. There are bolt handles available that are longer and are easier to grab.

These are just some of the common accessories that are bought by shooters. There are a lot more types of accessories that are available which allows Ruger 10 22 rifle owners to make their gun more customized according to their liking.

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